Quick Tips for Marketing Your Self-published book

You’ve written your book. You’ve decided to pay to publish it. You’ve got boxes of books stacked in your closet or basement. Now what?

Authors have many publishing options today, yet one thing remains constant–people buy authors they know and like. Thus the author must take responsibility for the marketing of the book in order to get readers to recognize the author’s name.

Competition for the book dollar is as tough as it’s ever been. If you’re trying to recover the investment you made in paying to be published, consider these quick marketing tips.

  • Never leave home without bringing copies of your book with you. You never know when you’ll get the opportunity to mention you’re an author and get questions about your book.
  • Create your website, write a blog, use social media to get your name out there.
  • Consider working with book distributors. Yes, they can take a huge percentage of sales, but they also have contacts you might not otherwise reach.
  • Find creative ways to do book events like craft shows, expositions, charity fundraisers, club meetings, partnering with other authors for an event, etc.
  • Sign every book you sell. You make a more personal connection with your readers when you do.
  • Brainstorm marketing ideas with others and really consider the feasibility of what they offer before deciding for or against their suggestions.

Marketing your book won’t be easy, but neither was writing or publishing it. You need all three components in order to reach your readers. It takes time and determination, but you can do it. Happy writing!

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