Common Problems Faced in Writing Romance Novels

Even the most seasoned author faces problems when writing. Each genre carries its own set of rules, and authors who don’t follow the rules face problems. Here are the common problems (and solutions) faced in writing romance novels.

  • Stay true to the romance plot line. The basic plot line is simple. Girl meets boy. Girl loses boy. Girl reunites with boy. They end up happy. The problem arises when the author deviates from the plot line by putting the girl in some crisis to be rescued, or by inserting some other dire situation as part of the main plot instead of a subplot.
  • Make sure your heroine is likeable. Avoid making her pitiful, wimpy, whiny, stupid, or a victim. She’s the heroine so make sure you emphasize her courage, ingenuity, or warmth instead of her destitution.
  • Offer an attractive hero. He doesn’t have to be drop-dead gorgeous, but he does have to be someone of good character. No bullies, brutes, or bad boys and no wimps. You need to offer a hero who complicates the heroine’s life, but doesn’t try to deliberately make her miserable.
  • Make the initial attraction between heroine and hero believable. It’s not realistic that the initial chemistry reaction to each other kicks in during a dire circumstance.
  • Make every word spoken in dialogue count. Listen to real people talk and you’ll have a good model of how to write dialogue.
  • Write the romance novel you would want to read. If you want to read it, there’s a good possibility the editor and publisher will see its potential in the marketplace and consider publishing it.

Remember that romance novels provide readers with an escape into the world of romance. Romance novels aren’t boring. Instead they offer some fun, some thrill, a lot of romance, and pure entertainment. Happy writing!


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