Tips for Writing Opinion Pieces

The political season is upon us and you may find yourself wanting to write an opinion piece or two, so here are some tips for you.

  • Focus on one point. Everyone knows issues have more than one facet, but your opinion piece will be stronger if you focus on one point at a time.
  • Offer solid, factual reasons for your viewpoint. Using objective facts gives credibility to your piece.
  • Ask yourself if anyone else really cares. You might feel strongly about something, but if you stand back and try figure out who else cares about the same thing, you may discover the issue isn’t that important to other people.
  • Be honest is your assessment of how much the issue has already be covered. If it’s been done and done and done, it may not warrant you using your time and energy to write about what’s already been said.
  • Write succinctly. If you want your opinion piece to be read, keep it short.
  • Use active verbs and be straightforward. You’re offering your opinion, so own it rather than waffle.
  • Avoid whining. Your opinion should come across as well thought-out and insightful. Better to show the benefit people will receive if they consider your opinion than to appear to be self-serving.

You probably won’t make a living writing opinion pieces, but you can have a lot of fun offering your perspective at times. Hope this tips help you do just that. Happy writing!


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