More Tips to Keep You Writing

One of the most important things you should keep in mind is no one else can or will write what you write. The old adage that writers are observers of life underscores that fact. No one else sees the world as you see it because no one else experiences life as you do, thinks about things the way you do, and interprets what they see as you do.

That said, here are some more tips to keep you writing.

  • Write from your heart, in your own style, and make your writing the best you can make it.
  • Understand that everyone who writes isn’t going to get published. Granted, technology offers more publishing options than ever, but you also want to be sure that if you publish (that is, if you make your writing public), your published writing shows you in the best way possible.
  • Equate rejection slips with learning experience. If editors and agents are rejecting you, it could be because they’ve recently published an article on your topic or because they don’t publish or represent the genre you’re querying or any other number of reasons. When you get a rejection, try to figure out why so you can learn from it. Then simply say, “Next,” make any changes you need to, and send to the next name on your list.
  • Remember that publishing is business, not dream fulfillment. Publishers publish books they think readers will buy, so find a need in the reading marketplace and offer to fill that need.
  • Realize that talent doesn’t ensure success. Timing, marketing your book, getting good reviews, etc. are all part of being successful. That’s why some books of lesser quality writing end up as best sellers while other books of stellar quality writing end up in the remainder pile.
  • Know that it’s almost impossible to predict what will sell in the marketplace. Your job as writer is to offer a quality product, then help market it. Readers buy their favorite authors, not their favorite publishers.

I hope these tips help keep you writing because your readers are waiting. Happy writing!


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