Sell Your Nonfiction Book By Using Excerpts

Look in the personal libraries of many readers and you’ll probably see the majority of space is taken up with nonfiction books. For some reason people tend to share their fiction books with others, but keep their nonfiction books for themselves.

That said, you still need to set your nonfiction book apart from the competition, so here are some tips to help you use excerpts to do just that.

  • Decide on which portion of your book will entice readers to want to take a closer look at your book. Make sure you select a portion that shows your reader why your book differs from others on the same subject.
  • Once you’ve focused on the part of your book you’ll use in your excerpt, create a title that catches the reader’s eye. Then make sure your byline is right below the title. Your byline should match your name as it appears on the book.
  • Then insert your excerpt.
  • After your excerpt, include a short biography of yourself so reader sees your expertise. Explain that this excerpt comes from your book (be sure to give the book’s title, price, publisher, and availability/ordering information).
  • Add your copyright note and the statement, “All rights reserved.” That puts anyone on notice that they need your permission before publishing your work in their media.
  • Distribute the well-designed excerpt handout (with today’s technology, you can make your excerpt look professionally done) anywhere and everywhere that discusses your topic. Conventions, training sessions, speeches, and professional meetings are all possibilities.
  • Other ways to get your excerpts out are when you send sample copies of your book to places you are looking to speak, do book signings, etc. You might also ask your colleagues and professional network members to help you share copies of  your excerpts. Of course family and friends are always possibilities as well.

You wrote your nonfiction book to share information and help others. But with so many books in the marketplace, no one will know about your book unless you tell them. These tips are a fairly inexpensive way to do just that. Happy writing!


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