Write Something Every Day

Summer got away from me as I expect it did for many. But a quick glance at the calendar shows school starting soon, fall colors appearing after that, and holidays and year-end coming.

This is a good time to get your new writing routine established, and here are some tips to help you do just that.

  • Writers write and sometimes get published. If you’re not writing, you’re waiting. If you’re waiting, you’re losing time and denying others the beauty of your insights, your observations, and your talent. The best way to hone your writing skills is to practice by writing something every day.
  • Put forth your best effort every time you write. I didn’t say you had to write perfectly. I simply said do your best. Athletes practice to get better at what they do. So do dancers, singers, musicians, quilters, etc. No one practices to get worse. As long as you’re writing anyway, give it your best. You can always go back and work on your project again if you decide to.
  • Keep your faith in yourself and in your writing. Everything you write won’t be stellar, so if your support system loves everything you do, expand your support to include those who will make suggestions for improvement. Those suggestions are meant to show you that you can write and you should keep going.
  • Listen to yourself. If your imagination is taking you someplace you hadn’t expected, instead of fighting the urge to move in that direction, go with it for a while. One mystery author told me she had to rewrite her novel because the character she intended to be the murderer wouldn’t do it, so she had to change murderers and ended up with a better story.
  • Have realistic goals. You may get published (or you may not). You may write literary fiction (but commercial/genre fiction offers a better opportunity for being published). You may write poetry (but poetry is extremely hard to sell). If you’re writing simply to write, that’s wonderful. But, if you’re writing to publish and earn money, study the marketplace and learn what it takes to get your book published and what it takes to sell books once you are published. If you’re writing for the periodical market, learn what the publication publishes, how much of the publication is freelance versus staff written, how payment works, etc. Dreams are super, but have realistic goals.

I hope these few tips help you figure out how to make writing something every day part of your fall routine. Remember that no one else writes what you write, so get busy. Happy writing!


3 Responses to Write Something Every Day

  1. What Sawyer said. 🙂

  2. Thanks to both of you. I appreciate it.

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