Write Using Your Own Voice

Writers are readers, so naturally they favor the voice of certain authors over others. One of your challenges is to make sure you’re writing in your own voice, not a clone of one of your favorites.

Here are some tips to help you.

  • Realize you see things from a perspective that is unique to you. When I taught my college writing courses, I set a cube in the middle of a rectangular table. Students sat in chairs around the table. I had students look at the object from their perspectives and write down the description of what they saw. What they didn’t realize is there were different images on each side of the cube. Thus, each description was different. The point of the lesson? They all saw the same thing, but their descriptions differed.
  • Understand everyone won’t adore everything you write. I just finished Gone Girl and liked some of it, but not all. Regardless of what I think, the book is a huge success. The local library’s request list for it is over 300 patrons long.
  • Remain true to yourself in your writing. Your writing is based on your thoughts, experiences, and how you express yourself. Of course there are rules and conventions you must follow in writing, but make sure you stay true to you in the process.
  • Read your writing out loud. When I was a member of the Minneapolis Writers Workshop, the writers read their work out loud to the rest of us. It was amazing how often writers made changes after hearing their words read aloud.
  • Be aware of the pitfalls of contemporary references in your writing. Thrillers taking place during the Cold War may still be fun to read, but probably aren’t a first choice for many of today’s readers. On the other hand, most likely it was the Cold War references that kept the story from being bland. You get to decide whether to write your story with universal appeal (no contemporary references) or spice it up by adding contemporary flavor. Just be aware there are pitfalls when you add things that date your story.

Hope these tips help you write using your own voice. Happy writing!


2 Responses to Write Using Your Own Voice

  1. Jamie says:

    Great tips, Sharron! I especially like the reading aloud one. That always leads to more revision for me.

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