5 Tips to Writing Copy to Sell Your Book

One of the biggest lessons authors learn is writing their books is the easy part.

Authors who publish their books independently soon learn that today’s technology and resources make publishing easier than it’s ever been, but publishing is only one step in getting the book to the customer.

Perhaps the most difficult thing authors learn about book publishing is that authors (whether published by a royalty house or published independently) are responsible for selling their books once published.

Here are five tips to help you write copy that can turn your book into a best seller.

  1. Think like the customer, not the author/publisher/seller. Most authors write their marketing materials from their point of view instead of thinking about what the customer wants. To think like a customer, answer these questions. What does my customer need? Entertainment? Information? How would I describe my customer? What issues could my customer face? How can my book help my customer face those issues? When you start to think like the customer, you can begin drafting ideas on what to include in your marketing materials.
  2. Offer benefits, not features. Benefits help while features describe. Customers are interested in getting help and solving problems. People buy groceries because they need food. They buy gas so they can drive their cars. They buy books to be entertained, to discover answers to problems, to pursue interests, to escape the rigors of a hectic world. Think of how your book can benefit your customer and focus your marketing materials on benefits, not features.
  3. Grab attention with benefit-oriented headlines. Effective headlines typically come in three varieties: (1) Ask a question, (2) Create a list (typically with numbers in the headline), (3) Appeal to emotions. For this post, I could have written “Do You Want to Sell More Books?” or “5 Tips to Writing Copy to Sell Your Book” or “Write Great Marketing Materials and Sell More Books.” All of the choices are oriented toward the benefit of reading my post.
  4. Tell a story. People love stories, especially stories that engage them emotionally. What kind of story works in marketing your book? Offer an example of success of someone applying the principles in your book. Provide a testimonial. If you’re marketing a novel, write your story synopsis so your reader simply has to read your book.
  5. Research articles and books on copy writing and book marketing. The Internet provides more resources and information than you’d get in a college course, but you need to be the self-starter and do your own research, then practice. Hey, you’re a writer, so you’re used to research!

There you have five tips for writing copy to sell more books. Remember, people buy the author, not the publisher, so no matter who your publisher is, selling your book is your responsibility. Happy writing!


One Response to 5 Tips to Writing Copy to Sell Your Book

  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks for this great post, Sharron! This is right where I am now and just the information I need. Just shifting my mindset to thinking like my readers makes the biggest change. So, who out there wants to lead with less stress? Less Stress Business: A Guide for Hiring, Coaching, and Leading Great Employees will show you how you can have the team of your dreams, a calmer presence, a clearer focus and more of a life!

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