Now is the Time to Start Thinking about Next Year

I realize we’re between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but with the holidays so close together this year, the new year will be upon us before we’re ready–unless we start giving next year some thought now.

Here are some things to consider as you plan your writing for 2014.

  • Most aspiring (or, if you prefer the term freelance, that’s fine too) writers have at least one other source of income. It could be a spouse, significant other, pension, or even a job, but they have something besides writing that helps pay the bills.
  • It takes skill, time, perseverance, flexibility–and a lot of patience–to build a successful writing career. Besides all those qualities, you also need to be good at marketing because you’re always trying to sell your writing. It could be an article idea, a non-fiction book idea, a short story, a novel, etc. Whatever path you want your writing career to take, it’s good to remember you’re selling something of value and all you need is one customer to buy that particular offering.
  • Luck does play a part in your success. You’ll never have control over everything in life, so don’t sit back and wait for success to come to you. In other words, set some writing career goals for 2014, do your best to achieve those goals, and be aware you can’t control everything that happens.
  • Writing is a solitary activity. If you like to be alone, you’re probably content to write the day away. But what can you do if you’re a social person? I recommend you schedule some people contact. It could be having lunch with a friend, joining (or creating) a writers group that meets periodically, taking a class, dating your spouse, or doing anything else that will get you connected with people who may not be calling you because they don’t want to interrupt your writing.
  • Take care of yourself (and your relationships). If you do, you’ll be amazed at how much it will help your writing because you get more ideas, new insights, fresh inspiration, and energy to keep writing with your life full and healthy on so many levels.

These five tips are enough to get you thinking about how you’ll hit the ground running regarding your writing in 2014.

Happy writing!


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