Consider Writing an Essay

Sometimes we get so caught up in writing books and articles that we overlook the value of writing a good essay.

Essays are records of reactions to and interpretations of experiences. Articles and books typically offer information, instruction, facts (even fiction writers have to get the facts straight for their stories to be believable). Essays, however, allow the writer to engage in mentally toying with facts while exploring various ideas.

Here are some things essays can do for you.

  • Record your reaction to something you witnessed.
  • Explain something you saw or experienced.
  • Analyze your experience.
  • Argue against your initial reaction to something.
  • Persuade your reader to accept your reaction or interpretation.
  • Communicate your insights on what you see or experience in life.
  • Allow you to write personally rather than impersonally.

When you write your essays, consider these components.

  • You need a main point (also called a thesis).
  • You can use any number of devices to establish your thesis–definition, explanation, argument, description, for example.
  • You get to decide whether you’re going to use an objective or subjective approach in writing your essay.
  • You get to choose if you want to appeal to your reader mentally, emotionally, or both.

Here are some other ideas to help you in writing your essay.

  • Brainstorming/Clustering (to take inventory of what you know)
  • Adding details (to decide what additional information you need to fill in any gaps)
  • Deleting details (to decide what information is irrelevant)

The next time you need a break from writing articles or books or whatever you typically write, consider writing an essay. It may open all sorts of creativity for you.

Happy writing!


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