Have You Considered Offering Photos with Your Articles?

Sometimes you can add to your freelance income by offering photos to accompany your articles when you query. Offering an editor a complete package might make a difference in getting the sale. Here are some tips on offering photos with articles.

  • When you query a profile, offer a photo of the person you’re profiling. I queried a profile about  a woman who won the state championship for her apple pie, including a photo of her in the kitchen. I sold both the article and the photo. I did the same thing when profiling a couple who dressed in period dress and drove their Model T in community parades.
  • If you’re offering a recreation article, suggest photos of the activity/action, especially if the recreation is unusual.
  • If you’re a bit camera shy, consider taking a photography class or joining a camera club.
  • If you’re really camera shy, find a photographer to team up with.
  • You can’t sell what you can’t find, so organize your photos so you can retrieve the one(s) you want when you need them.
  • If you’re covering an event and simply cannot get photos of everything you want, ask contacts at the event for pictures (but be aware of copyright and be sure you get written permission to use the photos). If the photos are not your own, get releases that indicate photo credit and payment information. Also, out of professional courtesy, return the photos (if the owner wants them back) with a copy of the published article.
  • When sending your query, include clips of photos you’ve already had published so the editor sees the quality of your work.
  • Finally, consider offering other visuals that may help sell your article–maps, illustrations, drawings, book covers in case of book reviews, etc. Just make sure you have the right to sell what you’re offering.

Offering photos with your articles can benefit both you and the editor and put a  little extra in your freelance paycheck.

Happy writing!


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