Some One-liners for Tax Day

Today is April 15, and I found some one-liners that may bring a smile on this not-funny day.

  • A real friend will take you to lunch whether you’re tax deductible or not.
  • April 15 reminds us that some days are more taxing than others.
  • All big problems started out small.
  • Accountants who have all the answers made some of them up.
  • A lot of long stories would be shorter if they were more truthful.
  • When all is said and done, the meeting is over.
  • It’s amazing how long some people can talk without mentioning what they’re talking about.

I realize I’m deviating from my writing/publishing/editing theme, but the list above does make a writing point. When writing humor, remember that humor is subjective and has only one opportunity to be funny. If your reader doesn’t get it the first time, it won’t be funny if read a second time or if someone explains why it’s funny.

While poetry is the hardest writing to sell, humor is the hardest writing to write successfully. I think the list of one-liners is humorous and hope you smiled at one of them at least.

Happy writing!


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