Writing about a Captured Moment in Time

Whether you’re writing something short, a novel, or a non-fiction book, there will be times you’ll want to capture a moment in time in your writing.

You could be writing about the first time you did some activity such as a sporting event, the first time you met the love of your life, a favorite childhood memory, something life-changing that someone said to you, a favorite relative or teacher, etc.

Your moment could be painful or it could be pleasurable. Whichever it is, you’ve decided it’s worth plucking this specific morsel out of your life and saving it beyond your mental capacities by writing about it.

Because your captured moment is available to you every time you re-read what you wrote, you’ll re-experience it over and over. Each time you re-experience it, you will see it differently because everyone changes constantly based on new insights, new information, new experiences.

So how do you write about something so important?

  • Write using the five senses to describe colors you see, textures you feel, aromas you smell, sounds you hear, and anything you taste.
  • Use action verbs freely so you (and your reader) can see the environment (inside and out), the people, the activity.
  • Use adjectives freely as you focus on one point at a time. For example, if you’re writing about a room, draw the floor plan to help you describe what is where (doors, windows, furniture, etc.). Then show the decor, the people in the room (if any), the event that’s occurring in the room, etc.
  • Write freely about whatever comes to mind about that captured moment. You’ll have plenty of time to edit, tweak, and add more later.

When you take a step back in time and capture a moment that’s important enough to write about, you’ll see things you didn’t see previously, understand some things better, and junk things that no longer work for you. Try it sometime.

Happy writing!


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