Spring is a Great Time to Get Writing Again

I’ve taken some time off from blogging to get moved and to work on developing some college courses. Everything we own is finally in one town again, the courses are in full swing, and it’s time to get back to writing.

How about you? Will you give yourself permission to get back to writing? What will you write first?

  • An article?
  • A synopsis of your book?
  • An outline of your book?
  • Character sketches (if writing fiction)?
  • Examples to illustrate your points (if writing nonfiction)?
  • A writing plan? A writing plan is a promise to yourself to keep you writing. Too many writers love to write, so they don’t. Instead, they do their work or chores or what others want them to do. But if you don’t write, you deny the world your thoughts, your stories, your insights because only you can write what you write.

Spring is a great time to get writing again, so get going!

Happy writing!


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