The Blank Page Awaits

December 11, 2012

Drawn Notebook Everyone’s busy with the holidays and things that need doing at year-end. Still, this is the time to ruminate what you can do with your writing in the new year. The list below pertains primarily to non-fiction books because those are the books people buy and keep. Fiction writing is also great, but people tend to pass along fiction once they’re done reading it, and when they do, another fiction book doesn‘t get sold. People tend to keep non-fiction books in their personal libraries, which means more non-fiction books typically get sold.

Look over the list below and decide which action items you’ll get started on in the new year. The blank page awaits.

  • Brainstorm ideas that intrigue you enough to get you writing.
  • Research what and how much content is available on each topic.
  • Write your table of contents so you can use it as a map for your book.
  • Write just the first sentence in each chapter.
  • Brainstorm story ideas/examples for each chapter that will illustrate concepts covered.
  • Create a writing plan for your book; include time and dates and which chapter you’ll be working on when.
  • Write the hook for your book–the thing that will grab a reader’s attention.
  • Research your publishing options–self, subsidy, royalty.
  • Create your publishing plan, complete with cost and schedule for each item listed in your plan.
  • Jot down (or draw, if you’re so inclined) ideas for your book cover.
  • Write the back-cover copy (it should entice the reader to open your book).
  • Write your “About the Author” section.
  • Create a list of people you can ask for help–writers group, critical readers such as experts or colleagues, editors, people who will write endorsements for your book, etc.
  • Write the dedication for your book.

I hope this list gets you thinking about writing. You can keep a notebook with you and jot down any of the things listed anytime you think of them. Beware the trap that has you write only at the computer. Pen and paper still work. The blank page awaits.

Happy writing!