9 Steps to Get Writing

February 23, 2012

Writers are an interesting lot. I was first published in the 1970s and have been involved in some aspect of writing ever since. We recently closed our book publishing company, but I still edit projects that interest me.

One thing I’ve learned over all these years is writers procrastinate writing.  You may say, “Huh?” But, it’s true. Writers enjoy writing so much that they put it off until they get other stuff (like chores) done instead.

The next time you find yourself second-guessing taking the time to indulge in your writing, consider these nine steps.

  1. Check your I.D. (be honest with who you really are and why you want to write).
  2. Create your personal vision (figure out your life’s destination and what you want your reader’s to get from your writing).
  3. Develop your own plan (prepare for the future you want).
  4. Know the rules and master them (tune into your guiding principles and honor them always).
  5. Step out of bounds once in awhile (stretch yourself to overcome what’s stopping you).
  6. Steer through life’s changes (learn to be flexible when necessary).
  7. Build your own dream team (create your support system, including writers groups, people who will be honest if you ask for feedback, etc.).
  8. Win by a decision (make choices that benefit you rather than take you away from what you were put on earth to do).
  9. Stay in focus (own your desire to write, then give yourself permission to do just that).

These nine steps aren’t necessarily in order of execution or importance, but don’t skip any of them if you are serious about your writing. Only you can write what you have to say, so get going!

Happy writing.