Write during the holidays too

October 31, 2011

We moved our offices and that took me away from writing for a while. I’ve missed it and am finally glad to be back writing and editing.

Of course, this is a busy time of year–the holiday season is upon us and it’s easy to tell ourselves that we’ll write later (after we do thus and such). Let me encourage you to be good to yourself and continue to write during the holidays too.

If you’re writing fiction, you have a wealth of experiences, of visuals, of sounds, of tastes, of conversations, etc. you can capture in your writing. And I mean exactly that–capture the holidays in snippets, at least, so you can draw on them later when you have more time to write your scenes or develop your characters.

If you’re writing nonfiction, the same applies, but connect the holidays to the concepts in your book instead of to plot, scene, or character.

The holidays only come once a year, and the details are easily forgotten if you don’t write them down for future use. It’s sort of like dreaming. If you don’t write your dream down as soon as you awake, it will leave you and you won’t get it back. If you don’t capture your holiday experience, it, too, will evaporate in your memory.

Whatever you do about your writing during the holidays will serve you well into the future, so give yourself the gift of doing something for you (writing) during this busy time.

Happy writing!