Ghostwriting can involve various levels of effort, from working from the client’s notes to doing the research for the client. When considering working with a ghostwriter, you’ll want to have a good grasp of your project and how much you expect of the ghostwriter versus how much you are contributing to the book yourself.


2 Responses to Ghostwriting

  1. Patricia says:

    I am interested in hiring a ghostwriter to fill out a story outline for a children’s picture that would be a companon piece to a product. How do I go about finding a qualified children’s picture book ghoistwriter?

    Thank you


    • stockink says:

      You are wise to want to qualify the ghostwriter to be sure he/she understands writing for children. It’s not the easy task some people think it is.

      I’m not sure where you’re located, but you may want to see if there’s a chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators near you. Their site is I clicked on the Minnesota link and the first writer listed is Marion Dane Bauer, a very well known and respected childrens writer in Minnesota.

      While I’m not personally familiar with the society, I am aware of the credibility of Marion Dane Bauer and thus feel comfortable mentioning the society as a possible resource for you.

      You may also look in the children’s section of your local bookstore for books that are like what you’re looking for–topic, writing style, etc. Then Google the author’s name. See if you can contact the author about your project.

      Of course, if you’d like to talk with me, you can always phone me as well.

      I’d love to hear how your search goes.


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